Peter Murphy 2013

Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?

2013 marked the 35 year anniversary of Bauhaus being Bauhaus. Taking cues from the excitement of the all-Bauhaus set from the Miracula session, Murphy decided something had to be done to commemorate the occasion and to, perhaps, quell any rumors of a Bauhaus reunion being possible in the future. The Mr. Moonlight Tour kicked off in San Antonio, Texas, in April 2013. This tour would span most of the world, purposely visiting places Murphy, and even Bauhaus, had never toured before. Each night, only songs from the Bauhaus catalog were played (A Strange Kind Of Love was added in to the later sets). Murphy’s former Bauhaus bandmates would not be joining on this tour. Instead, Mark Gemini Thwaite (formerly of The Mission and Murphy’s live guitarist since Unshattered), Emilio DiZefalo China (formerly of Psychic TV and Phillip Glass and Murphy’s bassist/electric violinist since 2011 after the sudden departure of Jeff Schartoff), and Nick Lucero (formerly of Queens of the Stone Age and Murphy’s drummer since 2007) would join taking over the roles previously occupied by Ash, J, and Haskins.

Largely, the Mr. Moonlight Tour was a huge hit with many shows selling out. Criticism to some degree amongst the more hardened fans would arise of this being sacrilege given the exclusion of Daniel Ash, David J, and Kevin Haskins, but the tour mostly demonstrated, to a certain level, that Murphy was now far beyond what Bauhaus had ever been. It had also been revealed during the tour that Murphy already had another solo album ready to go, recorded in a short session with Killing Joke bassist and composer/producer, Martin “Youth” Glover. A preview video was assembled featuring short snippets of several of the new songs along with what would be portions of the music videos for the new album’s singles. Murphy revealed that while happy with the initial recording sessions, he planned to use funds from the Mr. Moonlight Tour to re-enter the studio with Youth and re-record some of the tracks (notably a newer version of what would be the second single, I Am My Own Name).