Peter Murphy 1984

What comes next? The first post-Bauhaus project…

Following the rapid dissolution of Bauhaus in 1983, vocalist Peter Murphy, the only non-musician of the four, was left very much out in the wilderness to determine his next move. Initially, he deviated slightly from his comfort zone (music) to deeper explore movement and dance, a realm he already had an interest in. This led to a modern dance desert-themed piece (and music video) for the Bauhaus song Hollow Hills and a subsequent live stage performance of the same number (of particular note, the choreography was developed by Turkish modern dancer Beyhan Fowkes, who would later aid in producing Murphy’s early solo music videos, become the Artistic Director for the National Contemporary Dance Company of Turkey, and become Peter’s wife).

While enjoying a respite from the music world that Peter Murphy had come to know, it was clear the brief foray would not become his new permanent artistic role. The time was coming for Murphy to return to music with a whole new project.