Peter Murphy 1995

We Have No Image…

Beyond personal speculation and hidden behind more or less closed doors was the fact that Murphy did begin work early on for his fifth studio album. Much of 1993 was spent writing what would become Cascade. A lengthy search was needed before Murphy found producer Pascal Gabriel to begin recording a new album in mid-1994. Recording progressed relatively slow, wrapping at the end of the year. Gabriel was able to bring out more musical expression from Statham, which Murphy could capitalize on in directing where he wanted the songs to go. The matching was perfect for the album. Infinite guitarist Michael Brook was brought in towards the end of the sessions to add an experimental improvised flair over some of this material.

The Scarlet Thing In You was released ahead of the album in April 1995, a musical parallel of sorts to Cuts You Up. While the song failed to capture an audience with the same intensity as Cuts You Up, it helped position Cascade well enough to rebound from the shortcomings of Holy Smoke. Filled with several personal anecdotes, Cascade was a solid combination of minimalistic music coupled to Murphy’s typical visual lyrics. However, it was often cited by reviewers as not being anything terribly out of the box for Murphy, just a continuation of efforts to try and reclaim the spark that was Deep.

Murphy embarked on a 32-date tour of the US in July with Howard Hughes returning on keyboards since his departure in 1988, Eddie Branch remaining on bass guitar from The Hundred Men, ex-All About Eve drummer Mark Price taking over the drum seat, and ex-Cocteau Twins guitarist Ben Blakeman taking over guitar duties. A young and relatively unknown at the time Jewel joined Murphy as tour opener. A mini tour of Spain and Portugal in September would wrap up the year, once again leading to a period of quiet time for Murphy. What would come next few, if any, could have predicted.