Peter Murphy 2014

The Roar Of Lion

As the Mr. Moonlight Tour arrived at its conclusion in 2014, Murphy again entered the studio with Youth to re-record a handful of songs completed back in 2012. Hang Up was chosen as the lead single and roared to life in April 2014 through a limited metallic silver 7” record released exclusively for Record Store Day 2014 in the United States. Hang Up was a very different song when compared to the rest of Murphy’s solo catalog. The music was undeniably Youth’s, bringing a very definitive electronic sound to the album. Where Murphy’s vocals were once smooth and tranquil, they were now shots filled with a bitter bite with Murphy unapologetically describing just who he was. I Am My Own Name and Eliza would be released as quasi-singles (given music videos but no physical or digital standalone release). Lion was released in June and entered the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at 173. While it would spend only a week on the charts, it had the distinction of being the first charting album since 1992’s Holy Smoke.

New album in hand, Murphy again wasted no time before setting out on a tour of America to support it. This jaunt, however, had a very different feel. Mark Gemini Thwaite had split ways with Murphy just prior to the Mr. Moonlight Tour’s conclusion, his role reprised by Andee Blacksugar (Black Sugar Transmission and pOp*stAr*kiDs). Emilio China and Nick Lucero were retained on bass/violin and drums, respectively. Still, something seemed to be missing. Where Murphy was usually jovial and joking during his sets, tempting the audience with his suggestive stage persona, this tour found Murphy fairly subdued, talking minimally to the audience and very much keeping his distance from them. Perhaps this was a combination of Murphy wanting to take a step back from the “wilder” antics that accompany a Bauhaus-only mindset, wanting the audience to focus more on the music itself as opposed to the theatrical stage antics. Additionally, there was the exhaustion he surely felt after completing a several months long world tour only to take a small break before setting out on tour again. More disturbing to fans was the lack of a European tour to support the new album, attributed largely to international economic and financial concerns that resulted in venue promoters being unable to offer favorable contracts.