Peter Murphy and Howard Hughes from the Should the World Fail to Fall Apart photo session in 1986

The Post-Bauhaus Fallout

Ten days later, their final album was released, peaking at a very respectable number 13 on the UK National album chart. Shortly after the album’s release, the official announcement was made confirming the rumors to be true. A final going away gift to the fan club, a highly collectible limited 7” pressing of their Spirit In The Sky cover coupled with an outtake from the recent ‘Burning’ sessions, The Sanity Assassin, was pressed and mailed out in December with a somber letter confirming the band’s demise and details of the future endeavors of each member – J would go on to release his first solo album through Situation Two Records (via Beggars Banquet), Ash and Haskins would turn their part time project Tones On Tail with Bauhaus roadie Glenn Campling into a fully-fledged recording/touring unit and Murphy (at this point in time) would be left to determine what his future would hold, although a brief foray into the world of dance and movement did occupy at least some of his time during the initial post-Bauhaus months.

With the demise of Bauhaus, Murphy would in time explore other musical ventures, beginning first with a short lived collaboration with ex-Japan bassist, Mick Karn. This project, dubbed Dalis Car, would release only one album, one single, and one music video before the two split directions, each pursuing their own solo careers. As Murphy gained personal success as a solo musician, his former rhythm section would reconvene following the dissolving of Tones On Tail during the fall of 1984. With David J replacing Glenn Campling, Love and Rockets were born and, similar to their former vocalist, also encountered several high points during their fourteen year career.

As both camps progressed throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Bauhaus seemed to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Beggars Banquet would capitalize on the posthumous success created by Bauhaus and release various compilations over the ensuing years, but the likelihood of a reunion seemed a distant possibility at best. That is, until both Murphy and Love and Rockets ended their contracts with Beggars Banquet in 1996, beginning a series of auspicious events.