Peter Murphy in the opening scenes of The Hunger

The Hunger

On the heels of the successful Mask tour, Bauhaus, not a band inclined to rest for an extended length of time, once again booked studio time at Morgan Studios in January 1982 to demo a handful of new songs. This initial session saw the first studio recordings of Silent Hedges (which had been previewed during the Mask tour), the first version of Spirit (a song that would prove challenging to the band as it took several attempts to finally get the sound and feel they were looking for), and a somewhat impromptu cover of Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit In The Sky (with a home finally found for this loose take as one side of the now legendary fan club single in December of ‘83). The group appeared on TV once again, this time on BBC’s arts and media show, Riverside, where they performed a new remix of Kick In The Eye (the new single) and their staple number, Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

Following the Riverside performance, Murphy was approached to appear as the face to front a TV advertising campaign for Maxell Tapes, signaling the first major shift in how Bauhaus was perceived by the public (and how the members ultimately would perceive one another). As a direct result of the ad, Bauhaus were recommended to Tony Scott, a film director who was looking for something a little different for the opening scenes of his new screen adaptation of Whitley Strieber’s vampire novel The Hunger. The scene would ultimately focus on Murphy, further adding fuel to an already burning ember of band egos.