Peter Murphy in the first Maxell tapes ad

The Beginning of the End

After Murphy’s first Maxell Tape ad appearance as the “Blown Away Man” (shown to UK audiences only – the US ad featured a different person as the “Blown Away Man”) and the one dimensional appearance in The Hunger, inevitably the press began to capitalize more on Murphy’s appearance as front man, creating a new focus and limelight that had not been previously encountered. These same magazines soon sought to interview only Murphy, leading to tensions within the camp. The turmoil felt around the time of their third album The Sky’s Gone Out would be just the beginning of the downward spiral for Bauhaus.

During the fall of 1982 the band embarked on a series of tours of both the UK and the US with Beggars Banquet issuing the new album mid-tour. The first 30,000 copies contained a bonus disc, the previously shelved live album Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape (halted by the band at the time fearing it represented a backward progression in terms of musical direction). This document would receive a proper standalone release in December. The Sky’s Gone Out itself faired strongly upon release, reaching a very successful number four in the UK album chart, likely due to the recent TV performances and the strength of their Ziggy Stardust cover.