peter murphy howard hughes

Starting Fresh…Again

With the dissolution of Dalis Car in late 1984/early 1985, Peter Murphy was once again flying solo and yet to determine what the next step in his embryonic music career would be. Though short in duration and filled with its peculiarities, Dalis Car served a vital role for Murphy – it proved that he would need to take more control over his next venture and create the sort of album he wanted.

Not being a true instrumentalist, Murphy would need a collaborator. His first choice was ex-Associates keyboardist Howard Hughes, whom he had met months earlier while working as Dalis Car through his then-manager, Peter Kent (who you may recall as original co-founder of 4AD with Ivo Watts-Russell, but who would go on to sell his shares in the label in 1981 to start another Beggars Banquet subsidiary label, Situation Two). Remembering how well they worked together at the time (but also being committed to Dalis Car and unable to do much about the pairing at the time), Murphy rang Hughes to see if he was interested in picking things back up and working together in earnest. By chance almost, Hughes had wondered himself if Murphy would ever want to work with him again…