Peter Murphy 1985

Should The World Fail To Fall Apart

Mixing would prove to be the challenging step for Murphy’s first album, with Ivo creating ambient soundscapes with some of the tracks and making large cuts from others. Ultimately, Murphy and Hughes would commandeer the tapes back and complete the mixing themselves. In the lead up to the release of his first album, Murphy made his live debut as a solo artist in Bologna, Italy on May 22, 1986. The band line-up included Howard Hughes on guitar, ex-B-Movie keyboardist Paul Statham on keyboards, UK Decay bassist Eddie Branch on bass, Terl Bryant on drums, and Peter Bonas also on guitar. With the exception of Hughes, this lineup would be a mainstay for Murphy in the coming years. The band would play a sporadic series of dates throughout June.

After some delay, Should The World Fail To Fall Apart was finally released in July. From a commercial perspective, the album was a failure. However, it did have the success of proving that there was a career within music for Murphy after Bauhaus. Another nail in the proverbial coffin for Murphy’s solo debut, however, was the initial dates immediately surrounding the album’s release in his homeland of England. Where it was assumed that the crowds would be flocking at the chance to see the former Bauhaus vocalist back on stage, the reality unfortunately was exactly the opposite with poor attendance and lackluster interest in Murphy’s new work. Thus began the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” curse that has since followed Murphy – damned if he kept the same aesthetic and approach as Bauhaus without the other original members, yet damned if he didn’t do something similar. Opting to branch out, experiment, and find the ground on which he could stand firmly and be his own artist, many of the “original” fans were less than enthused. More randomly spritzed performances littered the remainder of the year with a secret show in London in November marking the end of Hughes’s time in Murphy’s band, opting to leave and focus on his own band – The Western Approaches.