Dalis Car

Mick Karn and the End of Japan

1982 marked two significant events in Murphy’s timeline. Arguably, 1982 was the most successful year for Bauhaus, with the acclaimed Ziggy Stardust Bowie cover and a very highly regarded third album in The Sky’s Gone Out. Coincidentally, 1982 also signified the end of the new wave avant-garde band Japan, freeing up the group’s much in demand multi-instrumentalist and primary bassist, Mick Karn.

Karn (born Andonis Michaelides on July 24, 1958) had a unique musical upbringing. Although never formally taught, he stubbornly played at a fretless bass until he mastered the instrument. As such, Karn had a very unconventional playing style that has always set his work far apart from anyone else, evoking a unique sound. His professional musical career began in 1974 with Japan. Following the group’s dissolution in 1982, Karn teamed up with Angie Bowie (former wife of the famed David Bowie) on BBC Television’s The Old Grey Whistle Test. Karn played bass lines to accompany Angie’s spoken word poetry. Arguably, this was the genesis of Dalis Car as one of those basslines would become the backbone to the group’s self-titled track in 1984.

In 1983, as Bauhaus came to a tumultuous end, Karn struck up a collaboration with Ultravox’s second vocalist, Midge Ure (John Foxx’s replacement), to release the single After A Fashion while enjoying the relative success of his first solo album, Titles, and its stunning single Sensitive from the year prior.