Peter Murphy 2016

I Am My Own Name

The next chapter in Murphy’s solo endeavors remains to be written. Looking back, his journey has been a rich voyage into the unknown coupled with many successes and few shortcomings. Through each reinvention, Murphy has brought new substance and life to his work while retaining enough of the old to be recognizable. If the bulk of his career is any indication, Murphy won’t be sitting still for long. And, based on past events, whatever comes next will be an unapologetic forward reinvention with enough of a look backwards to not leave everyone behind. Your move, Peter.

Written by: Houdah Abualtin
Edited by: Andrew J. Brooksbank
Research by: Andrew J. Brooksbank (presented in Bauhaus: Beneath the Mask and unpublished notes surrounding the Cherry Red album re-issues)
Additional sources: Ian Shirley’s Dark Entries: Bauhaus and Beyond, numerous press releases from the record labels associated with each album