Bauhaus in the music video for She's In Parties

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

1983 began with a rapid series of events – Lagartija Nick (a lyrical re-write of early song Bite My Hip) earned the group a second Top of the Pops appearance and was released as the group’s new single. In hindsight, Lagartija Nick was a weak choice of single and a track that by this stage none of the band members were particularly fond of. A new song was previewed during a recent US jaunt with subsequent studio time booked at R. G. Jones to capture it. The song, and final commercial single for the group, was She’s In Parties, marking a sort of ashes to ashes, dust to dust life cycle for the band (in that the groups’ debut single, Bela Lugosi’s Dead, dealt on a certain level with the late film actor and that the group’s final single, too, would include several film production references). A rather edgy monochromatic music video would be shot to promote the single, featuring the band in an abandoned building and who would ultimately fall fast asleep in the back of the limousine used throughout the video! Finally, Murphy was again commissioned to appear in a new campaign for Maxell, this time supporting their Betamax and VHS Tape products.

A fifth and final visit to Maida Vale Studios in February culminated in a new version of She’s In Parties (to aid promotion of the pending single) alongside a brave take on The Strangeloves’s garage classic Night Time (also previewed during the last tour) plus a revisit to the earlier Terror Couple Kill Colonel.