Peter Murphy 2015

Additional Artistic Ventures

2015 began quietly. Again, no news of a tour, a new album, or even a single. Most unsettling still was the lack of any sort of tour to support Lion in Europe. As the months wore on, fans became anxious for news, any news. Finally, the wait was rewarded with an announcement of Murphy headlining the alternative music festival Ink-N-Iron’s final Long Beach, California, appearance that summer (the festival was relocating to Tennessee for the future). While not an obvious choice of venue for Murphy (Ink-N-Iron focusing largely on punk rock and ska with events dedicated to tattoo artists and muscle cars – none of which began to describe Murphy musically or personally), it was at the very least something.

Additional dates in California were added around the Ink-N-Iron festival and it was soon announced that an album featuring alternate remixes of Lion songs and unreleased material from those recording sessions would be released (Remixes From Lion). In spite of a spell of laryngitis, the four shows were a huge hit, seeing Thwaite back on guitar and Murphy up to his usual (albeit slightly reserved due to illness) antics. Following the California dates in June, Murphy again retreated to the shadows, only mentioning vaguely of a new project in the works, but no further news of new touring itineraries or music. It was later revealed that Murphy will star in the psychological horror film BlackGloveKiller, directed by Canadian-filmmaker Chris Alexander. The exact details are still unclear, but it appears BlackGloveKiller will be Murphy’s first major film role (with prior cameos in The Hunger with Bauhaus and Eclipse from the Twilight Saga, playing “The Cold One”). A proper full audio release of the Mr. Moonlight Tour show captured on DVD (from the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on July 27, 2013) was announced for release on October 30, 2015.