Peter Murphy 2011

A Return To Roots

In 2010, Murphy began work on what would be his ninth solo album. The album would be centered on the notion of being the next logical progression from Go Away White had that album been a Peter Murphy solo album. Firmly believing Bauhaus to be dead and that he was to carry the metaphorical flag, Murphy endeavored to make a solo album full of an immediacy and enraged attitude that frankly screamed “I AM Bauhaus!” David Baron joined Murphy to write and produce the new album, aptly titled Ninth, which would be released on independent label Nettwerk Records.

With the new album completed, Murphy embarked on a short tour in early 2011 to preview several of the new songs. The tour was a success with positive reception for the new songs and the heavier set list that surrounded the new numbers. I Spit Roses was the lead single from the album, featuring a colorful music video set to the tone of Murphy being a sea captain of the vessel The Rose Spitter. The song itself was an abstract retelling of one of the major events in the recording of Go Away White, likening the incident to a mutiny of sorts. Album release parties and a number of in-store performances concluded the promotional requirements before Ninth was released in June 2011. Critical reception of the album remained fairly positive and it had become clear that Murphy would make the music his roots were tuned to.

Following the album’s release, Murphy embarked on a proper tour of Europe and America to support it. As per the usual by this point, the tour was successful, even with bassist Jeff Schartoff calling it quits just days into the European tour (bringing Emilio “Zef Noise” DiZefalo China on to cover bass and electric violin – an incredible feat of talent as China literally had only a few days to learn the entire set list before flying to Europe to join the remainder of the tour) and Murphy suffering a particularly nasty bout of bronchitis during the start of the U.S. leg of the tour.

In contrast to the activity of 2011, 2012 would be mostly a silent year, with exception to one crucial event. At the end of December, Murphy held a special event, Miracula, in the greater Los Angeles area. Miracula sessions, featuring exclusive gifts and interactions with Peter Murphy to a very small group of fans, had been done previously (including a special Halloween edition earlier in the year), but this one would prove most critical for the next step. This session was split over two days with the first night including a live performance of Deep in its entirety along with an encore featuring many never before played (or rarely played, in some cases) songs, including a very solemn performance of Dalis Car’s If You Go Away, the farewell piece included on the final Dalis Car release to say goodbye to Mick Karn. The second night, as a complete surprise to guests until it began, would be a full Bauhaus-only set, mixed with several fan favorites and slightly more obscure numbers that Bauhaus in its original run and subsequent tours never played live. This set was met with extreme enthusiasm and set the stage for what would come next.