Bauhaus playing at Le Bataclan in Paris 2006

A Lasting Legacy

Though Bauhaus’s initial flame only burned for four years and resulted in as many albums, the band has had an enduring influence on an increasing number of bands and continues to infiltrate modern mainstream arenas (of particular note, a 2014 cover by the band Chvrches for the vampire film, Vampire Academy).Though never say never, the likelihood of a future Bauhaus reunion remains, at best, distant. While the four original members have each rode off into their respective sunsets to carve out new successes, Bauhaus will remain a strong pillar of their past, continually attracting new and even younger generations of fans. Indeed, much like the now immortalized Bela Lugosi, Bauhaus is undead, undead, undead.

Written By: Houdah Abualtin
Edited and Revised By: Andrew J. Brooksbank
Research By: Andrew J. Brooksbank (from Bauhaus: Beneath the Mask, notes included with the Omnibus editions of In the Flat Field, Mask, and unpublished notes for The Sky’s Gone Out and Burning From The Inside)
Additional Resources: Ian Shirley’s Dark Entries: Bauhaus and Beyond, Stephen Colegrave and Chris Sullivan’s Punk: The Definitive Record of a Revolution, Robert Ashton’s Waking up in London, David J’s Who Killed Mr. Moonlight: Bauhaus, Black Magick, and Benediction