Peter Murphy 2016

A Larger Scale Miracula

After some subtle hinting through Peter Murphy’s official Facebook Page, a new tour was announced that would begin in April 2016 – the Stripped Tour. Drawing on previous Miracula sessions and possibly the Just For Love Tour, this tour would feature limited tickets to a mostly seated venue space and include a selection of rarely (if ever) performed songs, most of which were either already more acoustically arranged or partially rearranged to be more stripped down than the studio recordings.

Emilio China would be the only returning member from Murphy’s recent live band. To give the appearance of a stripped down set, live drums would be swapped for backing tracks with minimal drums added in. John Andrews (who had worked with Murphy in 2011) joined on guitars. The set featured rarities such as Cascade (which had only been played at a Miracula session prior to the Stripped Tour) and Never Fall Out alongside Bauhaus favorites like Silent Hedges and Kingdom’s Coming. In the wake of the sudden and unexpected loss of music icon David Bowie, Murphy also prepared a moving and faithful cover of Bowie’s Bewlay Brothers. The tour was an instantaneous hit with most shows selling out far in advance. It also shifted the Murphy live experience, forcing the audience to focus on the vocals and music and leaving no proverbial safety net in the event of mistake. Of course, none was needed. The tour also provided the much desired European tour in October that many fans had been seeking since 2014 and the lack of a Lion supporting tour. A second US leg of the Stripped Tour has been hinted at (aimed at visiting cities that were skipped during the first leg of the tour), beginning possibly as early as November 2016, but no official announcements have been made yet.