Peter Murphy by Cihan Unalan from the Lion photo session

Site Redesign and Migration

I’ve spent a long time debating what to do, how to do it, and when. After some false starts, I’ve finally come to some conclusions of what, how, why, etc. for the redesign.

I started building the original website in June 2014 mostly as a
practical example for use in refreshing myself on the basics of HTML, adding in new complexities, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth. I knew people were interested in a complete resource surrounding Peter Murphy’s career, especially a completionist’s view of his discography, but I also knew there were many things I didn’t know and that this would be a large project. I also wanted to offer something that would be beneficial, yet avoid stepping on as many toes as possible from my predecessors who have endeavored similar feats of work related to Peter Murphy’s career. However, as I continued to learn and plug away at the site, I saw it taking shape, which excited me and made me work even harder. As the months went by, the site went from a basic black text, white background, and a couple photos to something with at least a little style and attitude.

After about a year and a half, the website was finally at a stage where I felt comfortable releasing it to the public. It wasn’t 100% complete (and when you’re talking about someone with an active career, it never can truly be 100% complete), but it was at a rounded enough stage to be of some use to anyone interested in a deeper dive, so to speak, of Peter Murphy’s career. So, at the tail-end of November 2015, I transferred the site to a domain and hosting service I bought and, as they say, the rest was history.

Even before launching the site, I knew there was a lot left to do and a lot that I wanted to change and make better. After all, this was my first major website and the development process was done literally by flying by the seat of my pants. Aspects rely on arcane web development techniques that have long since fallen out of favor and the overall usability wasn’t the greatest. The inverse color scheme, while edgy and favored in the music world, doesn’t make for an easy time reading for any length. The biographies are interesting reads, but no one wants to sit and read a roughly 10 page Word document online…with the inverse color scheme to boot!

So, here we are, starting over, in some sense, but hopefully resulting in something far easier to maintain and, in time, more interactive for you the visitor. Here’s some of the changes that I’ve completed along with future updates I have planned:

  • Transfered all current information
  • Redid front page to have blog posts (for news), small side widgets for FB/Spotify/whatever
  • Overhauled site design to improve readability
  • New site banner created
  • Simplified the release tables some to make it easier to navigate
  • Created an interview archive (that will be added to over time and in pieces)
  • Transformed biographies into interactive timelines
  • Hashed out the backbone to a Merchandise section (featuring old merch you could have bought from tours, promo items, etc.), but this portion is still in development
  • Created a photo gallery (that will also be expanded in pieces over time)

It’s been a long project since day one, but I’m still optimistic that everyone has found some use in it, be it slightly more accurate lyrics to songs, cool photos, interesting stories following Peter Murphy’s career, or a deep dive into the complete discography. Welcome and thank you for being here.