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Peter Murphy

Years active: 1985 to Present

Current members: Peter Murphy (vocals, keyboards, guitar), John Andrews (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 2010/11, 2016-Present), Emilio “Zef Noise” DiZefalo China (bass, electric violin, 2011-present), Robin Diaz (drums, 2016-present)

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Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy

Jan 01

Starting Fresh…Again

With the dissolution of Dalis Car in late 1984/early 1985, Peter Murphy was once again..Read more

Feb 01

Unlikely Pairings

The two quickly recorded two demos (early versions of Canvas Beauty and Confessions) which Murphy..Read more

Nov 01

Final Solution

Should The World Fail To Fall Apart (chosen as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek title as..Read more

May 22

Should The World Fail To Fall Apart

Mixing would prove to be the challenging step for Murphy’s first album, with Ivo creating..Read more

Feb 01

A New Writing Partner And A New Album

February 1987 began the first major tour for Murphy as a solo musician – a..Read more

Mar 01

Finding Minor Success

Love Hysteria was released shortly thereafter in March 1988. As with his debut, Love Hysteria..Read more

Apr 01

The Crucial Third

1989 began in much the same way as a year previous, with Murphy and Statham..Read more

Apr 01

Near-Mainstream Success With Cuts You Up

In April 1990, Cuts You Up, with its slight nods towards David Bowie’s musical work at..Read more

Jan 01

The Need For Perfection

As 1992 beckoned, Beggars Banquet were understandably anxious for the follow-up to Deep. Sessions began..Read more

Jan 01

Brief Silence

The next two years were eerily quiet for Murphy. No shows, no talk of albums..Read more

Apr 01

We Have No Image…

Beyond personal speculation and hidden behind more or less closed doors was the fact that..Read more

Jan 01


By 1996, the working partnership Murphy had formed with Paul Statham since the days of..Read more

Feb 26

Just For Love

After some silence following the second “death” of Bauhaus, Beggars Banquet released a greatest hits..Read more

Sep 01

The Anticipated Peter Murphy World Album

Work began in mid-2001 and by September, a new album was ready to go. Joining..Read more

Oct 01

Unshattered And The Finality Of Bauhaus

World album complete, there were questions as to what the next Murphy album would be...Read more

Jan 01

Retrospection and Exploration

2007 found Murphy branching out and exploring different avenues. He played a smattering of dates..Read more

Mar 01

A Return To Roots

In 2010, Murphy began work on what would be his ninth solo album. The album..Read more

Apr 22

Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?

2013 marked the 35 year anniversary of Bauhaus being Bauhaus. Taking cues from the excitement..Read more

Apr 15

The Roar Of Lion

As the Mr. Moonlight Tour arrived at its conclusion in 2014, Murphy again entered the..Read more

Jun 11

Additional Artistic Ventures

2015 began quietly. Again, no news of a tour, a new album, or even a..Read more

Apr 02

A Larger Scale Miracula

After some subtle hinting through Peter Murphy’s official Facebook Page, a new tour was announced..Read more

Aug 29

I Am My Own Name

The next chapter in Murphy’s solo endeavors remains to be written. Looking back, his journey..Read more

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