Dalis Car - Peter Murphy + Mick Karn

Dalis Car

Years active: 1984, 2010

Members: Peter Murphy (vocals), Mick Karn (all instruments), Paul Lawford (percussion)

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Dalis Car

Dalis Car

Jan 01

What comes next? The first post-Bauhaus project…

Following the rapid dissolution of Bauhaus in 1983, vocalist Peter Murphy, the only non-musician of..Read more

Jan 02

Mick Karn and the End of Japan

1982 marked two significant events in Murphy’s timeline. Arguably, 1982 was the most successful year..Read more

Mar 01

Forming And Naming a New Project: Dalis Car

How Murphy and Karn came to work together is somewhat of a mythical tale depending..Read more

May 01

One and Done

Initial recording sessions for Dalis Car were conducted in a very different manner, with Murphy..Read more

May 01

A Bittersweet Reunion

In May 2010, Karn announced through his website that he had been diagnosed with advanced..Read more

Jan 04

Keep Karn and Don’t Fret

On January 4, 2011, Karn lost his battle to throat cancer, cutting short the recording..Read more

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