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The Hunger Version of Bela Lugosi’s Dead Now Available

1983’s The Hunger (starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon) opens with Bauhaus performing Bela Lugosi’s Dead in a night club while vampires Deneuve and Bowie stalk and entice their next victims. The mix performed for the film was a brand new take that was ultimately interspersed through the opening scenes (i.e. the song wasn’t presented in full during the opening credits).

For the first time ever and through the brilliant work of Bauhaus Official Historian, Andrew J. Brooksbank, the track has been transferred from 1/4″ tape to digital media and is now available for purchase from your favorite online music stores and free streaming on Spotify, released via Beggars Banquet. The track does cut out at the very end, but the rest is presented in its entirety.

NEW REISSUE: Dalis Car ‘The Waking Hour’

The wonderful folks at Drastic Plastic are finally reissuing the first (and only) album from Dalis Car, The Waking Hour! Drastic Plastic (based in Omaha, NE) put out high quality reissues of older, alternative albums. Of note to the Bauhaus community, they’re behind the recent vinyl reissues of the first four Love and Rockets albums. All reissues are faithful to the original releases – minus minor details like the Drastic Plastic logo and catalog numbers, all artwork remains identical to the original pressings and any included goodies (such as posters) are also reproduced.

The Waking Hour is available on both regular 140g blue and white swirled vinyl and 180g black vinyl. Both are limited to 500 copies each worldwide. Get yours now from their website here.

Dalis Car The Waking Hour


Dalis Car
His Box
Cornwall Stone
Create and Melt
The Judgement is the Mirror

NEW ALBUM: Bare-Boned and Sacred Out Now!

Peter Murphy’s fourteenth solo album (if you include Alive Just For Love, the Mr. Moonlight Tour audio, Remixes From Lion, and the Wild Birds Live Tour audio as solo albums) is officially out now in the US! The twelve track disc features the complete night show from New York’s Le Poisson Rouge during the first leg of the Stripped Tour in North America.

Get your copy now from your favorite online retailer (Amazon USAmazon UKBarnes & Noble USAmoeba Music) or directly from Metropolis Records. Streaming is also available: