Years active: 1978 – 1983, 1998 – 1999, 2005 – 2006, 2008

Members: Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (guitar), David J Haskins (bass guitar), Kevin Haskins (drums), Chris Barber (bass guitar, 1978)

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Jul 11

Setting the Stage…

It is surprisingly difficult to write a comprehensive, yet short, biography on Bauhaus. Predecessors before..Read more

Jan 01

1970s England

Generally, the music scene in 1970s Great Britain was largely characterized by mainstream successes in..Read more

Jan 02

The Pre-Bauhaus Years

Music was no stranger to Daniel Ash, David J Haskins, or his brother, Kevin. All..Read more

Jun 01

The Beginning: SR and Bauhaus 1919

Ash and Murphy had been school friends. Unlike the other members of the soon-to-be Bauhaus,..Read more

May 01

Birth of an Anthem: Bela Lugosi’s Dead

By May of ‘79, 1919 was dropped from their moniker; they were now officially registered..Read more

Dec 04

The Hunt for a Label: The 4AD Years

Bauhaus next attempted to sign with Rough Trade Records, but were passed over by Geoff..Read more

Jan 01

The Difficult Second: Mask

Similar to the majority of the songs that would comprise In the Flat Field, much..Read more

Jan 01

The Hunger

On the heels of the successful Mask tour, Bauhaus, not a band inclined to rest..Read more

Mar 13

The Sky’s Gone Out and the Worst Kept Secret

In March, Bauhaus were invited back to the Maida Vale Studios for a third radio..Read more

Aug 01

The Beginning of the End

After Murphy’s first Maxell Tape ad appearance as the “Blown Away Man” (shown to UK..Read more

Mar 01

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

1983 began with a rapid series of events – Lagartija Nick (a lyrical re-write of..Read more

Apr 01

Rest In Peace

Following the successes of the latest two singles and a third Top of the Pops..Read more

Dec 01

The Post-Bauhaus Fallout

Ten days later, their final album was released, peaking at a very respectable number 13..Read more

Jul 01

Resurrection: The First Bauhaus Reunion

Both factions (by pure coincidence) signed to the new Red Ant Entertainment label, originally to..Read more

Apr 30

I Come in My Darkness and Go Away White

The idea of Bauhaus as a recording/touring unit wouldn’t arise again until 2005 when J..Read more

Aug 18

A Lasting Legacy

Though Bauhaus’s initial flame only burned for four years and resulted in as many albums,..Read more

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