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NEW: ‘Bauhaus Undead’ Book From Kevin Haskins

Bauhaus Undead Book Kevin Haskins

Nearly one year after it was originally announced, the latest book to chronicle the tumultuous, yet magical, legacy of post punk band Bauhaus is set for release. Penned by drummer and founding member Kevin Haskins, Bauhaus Undead: The Visual History and Legacy of Bauhaus aims to tell the history of the band through anecdotal stories and numerous mementos Haskins has collected related to the band over the years.

Originally, Haskins intended to release the volume on his own, but high costs to ship the book even within the continental United States made this a less than feasible goal. Fortunately, the book has found a new home through independent record label Cleopatra Records.

The book itself tends more towards a photographic journey spanning the band’s early inception in 1978 through their 2005 Coachella reunion show that set the stage for their (as of current) final tour and studio album.

Included are local, early press clippings of the band, handmade flyers, backstage passes, photographs that have remained previously unreleased, ticket stubs, artwork, letters, set lists, contracts, sketches, tour itineraries, fan club materials, pins, hand written lyrics, invoices, master tapes, and even the original Wasp synthesizer used in studio recordings and live shows.

While Bauhaus Undead does include some stories and anecdotes from Kevin Haskins, the book is not intended as a “drummer’s perspective” to the narrative written by Bauhaus bassist and brother David J (2014’s Who Killed Mister Moonlight? Bauhaus, Black Magick, and Benediction).

Order your copy today (either signed by Kevin Haskins or unsigned) right here. The book is a deluxe, hard-bound volume measuring approximately 10″ x 12″ and clocking in at 316 pages. Copies ordered via Cleopatra Records should ship around December 2017 with the street date (i.e. available in select bookstores) being in March 2018.

Below are some samples of what you can find and expect in this new book. The information in this article has been provided by Bauhaus Undead contributor and official Bauhaus historian Andrew J. Brooksbank.

The Hunger Version of Bela Lugosi’s Dead Now Available

1983’s The Hunger (starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon) opens with Bauhaus performing Bela Lugosi’s Dead in a night club while vampires Deneuve and Bowie stalk and entice their next victims. The mix performed for the film was a brand new take that was ultimately interspersed through the opening scenes (i.e. the song wasn’t presented in full during the opening credits).

For the first time ever and through the brilliant work of Bauhaus Official Historian, Andrew J. Brooksbank, the track has been transferred from 1/4″ tape to digital media and is now available for purchase from your favorite online music stores and free streaming on Spotify, released via Beggars Banquet. The track does cut out at the very end, but the rest is presented in its entirety.

NEW REISSUE: Dalis Car ‘The Waking Hour’

The wonderful folks at Drastic Plastic are finally reissuing the first (and only) album from Dalis Car, The Waking Hour! Drastic Plastic (based in Omaha, NE) put out high quality reissues of older, alternative albums. Of note to the Bauhaus community, they’re behind the recent vinyl reissues of the first four Love and Rockets albums. All reissues are faithful to the original releases – minus minor details like the Drastic Plastic logo and catalog numbers, all artwork remains identical to the original pressings and any included goodies (such as posters) are also reproduced.

The Waking Hour is available on both regular 140g blue and white swirled vinyl and 180g black vinyl. Both are limited to 500 copies each worldwide. Get yours now from their website here.

Dalis Car The Waking Hour


Dalis Car
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