Peter Murphy Artwork


Peter Murphy’s artistic inclinations extend beyond his vocal/musical talents. He has also dipped into the world of dance (notably towards the end of Bauhaus’s original tenure with a foray into modern dance set to “Hollow Hills” and with additional touches at the start of his solo career, notably with the choreography to his debut single, the cover of Pere Ubu’s hit “Final Solution), acting (having played minor roles in The Hunger and Eclipse of the Twilight Saga and landing a major role in BlackGloveKiller), photography (more as a personal dabbling as opposed to professional pursuit), and painting (which he has hinted at the possibility of gallery viewings some time in the future).

Perhaps serving as a prelude to the art gallery ambition, Peter Murphy completed two different series of one-of-a-kind hand painted CD album covers. The first, done in late 2014, was a limited run of 60 of his tenth solo album, Lion. The second, done in early 2015, was a larger limited run of 200 of the final Bauhaus album, Go Away White. In both sets, each album cover is unique from the rest in the series with each hand numbered and signed by Peter. A silent auction was held for #1 of each group with the added benefit of the painted cover being personalized to the winner.

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