Mick Karn 2010

Keep Karn and Don’t Fret

On January 4, 2011, Karn lost his battle to throat cancer, cutting short the recording sessions for the next Dalis Car release. Murphy expressed his deepest condolences and announced that the two had managed to assemble five new songs. The first of these, Artemis Rise, was released in July 2011 via Karn’s online music store at BurningShed.com, with a lifelong pledge from Murphy of all sales proceeds going to Karn’s wife and son. The song itself is a re-interpretation of the instrumental Artemis from 1984’s The Waking Hour including new lyrics penned by Murphy.

The residual tracks would remain unreleased as Murphy released and toured his ninth solo album, the aptly titled Ninth. Finally, in April 2012, InGladAloneness was released as a digital download and CD, showcasing the five songs Murphy and Karn had put together. Interestingly, only Artemis Rise, King Cloud, and Sound Cloud are true Dalis Car works with contributions from both. The track Subhanallah was initially previewed by Murphy in 2000 as an addition to the film The Grid (the film having been made originally in 1980 by Murphy’s then girlfriend and art student, Joanna Woodward, and shown on the Bauhaus August 1980 tour). The song was added in to the film and made available for purchase during Murphy’s Just For Love tour (300 copies, all signed by Murphy with extras sold via his website). The fifth song, a solemn cover of Jacques Brel’s If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas), was considered one of Karn’s favorite songs and most likely added as a tribute and farewell from Murphy.

Following Karn’s battle with cancer, Team Mick Karn was formed to help safeguard Karn’s legacy and encourage the re-issuing of his work. The group would later work with Murphy to release a limited set of signed copies of InGladAloneness in 2013, the sales of which would go to aid Karn’s family. Through their efforts, InGladAloneness was also released on vinyl in June 2015 through K Scope Records, the first in a rapid series of Karn-related reissues by the label. More information on Team Mick Karn can be found through the Team Mick Karn Facebook group

Written By: Houdah Abualtin
Edited By: Andrew J. Brooksbank
Research By: Andrew J. Brooksbank (through unpublished notes)
Additional Resources: Mick Karn’s Japan & Self Existence