Mick Karn

A Bittersweet Reunion

In May 2010, Karn announced through his website that he had been diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer and that the prospects were not good. With the help of friends, family, and former collaborators, The Mick Karn Appeal was started to raise funds for the costly treatment he would need for a fighting chance against the aggressive cancer. The following month, Murphy secretly contacted Karn with the suggestion that the two rejuvenate Dalis Car one final time. The news of the group’s reforming is posted to Murphy’s personal Facebook page by means of a video (that was quickly removed) in August.

In September, recording began at a studio in Oxford, but the proceedings were slow due to Karn’s failing health and slew of medical treatments to try and combat the cancer. These treatments would come too late, unfortunately, as the cancer was far too advanced by the time Karn and his family were able to relocate to London.