Peter Murphy: Interview June 25, 2010

Adapted from Penny Black Music:

Peter Murphy is back from the crypt. Not content with a role in teen vampire flick, ‘Eclipse’, the latest in the ‘Twilight’ series, he’s just about to embark on a worldwide tour to support his ninth album, the appropriately-titled ‘Ninth’.

The now Turkish-based, Northampton-born and erstwhile singer of legendary Goth act, Bauhaus, is all too eager to talk about his latest effort, teen vampire flicks and what inspires him.

PB: Do you think starring in ‘Eclipse’ will bring you a new generation of fans?

PM: I imagine so.

PB: What attracted you to the script? Your last film was ‘The Hunger’ in 1983 with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. It’s a bit different to that.

PM: It is nothing to do with ‘The Hunger’. I saw nothing of the script but trusted in the director Davis Slade’s vision.

He is privy to the source sub text of this nouveau vampire fad as has been sourced in my work and character. In the context of the film there is a fleeting but potent almost subliminal reference to a deeper sense of that theme.

PB: As a vampire fan, would you like to appear in the next ‘Blade’ movie? Would you like to appear in more films if given the opportunity or are you are content making selective, but rare and memorable appearances on screen as you have been doing?

PM: I am not a vampire fan. But ‘Blade’ would suit me sure. I’d rather play in a Sean Penn film or Ingmar Bergman film (if he still made films). I would like to take on a role all out if the chance presented itself

PB: What’s your opinion on emo? Are there any new bands in this or any other genre that jump out at you?

PM: No, I have got no opinions for other artists. We all do what we do. We have enough opinions slutted around about us. We have no need to do it to each other.

PB: Some of your previous albums such as ‘Holy Smoke’ had a Middle Eastern influence. What were your main inspirations for the new album?

PM: My roots as a seminal culture changer.

PB: How do you prepare for the writing process of your music or is this something that comes naturally?

PM: I become myself

PB: You’ve been based in the Turkey for a while. What attracted you to move there?

PM: My wife is Turkish and the culture is truly beautiful.

PB: You did some recordings recently with Trent Reznor. They were amazing. Was he involved in the new album?

PM: No, Trent offered , but I prefer to reserve a full on collaboration for a Murphy/Reznor album proper. Trent’s jury is out on that, I sense. If it happens, good. If not, it is no skin off anyone’s noses

PB: Has Grace Jones heard your version of ‘Warm Leatherette’?

PM: I don’t know.

PB: When I saw you on tour in Manchester you played Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’ Is it weird to be a contemporary of theirs covering their music?

PM: No, they were Bauhaus’s peers, as Bauhaus were Joy Division’s peers, yet we were nothing like each other. It was a unique pairing.

PB: Thank you,



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