Peter Murphy: Cascade Album Review April 2, 1995

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Peter Murphy – Cascade (Beggars Banquet)

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Having up-rooted the Murphy clan from England – leaving behind his backing band The 100 M<en – a rejuvenated Pater Murphy has resurfaced in Turkey with his fifth solo album ‘Cascade’ . This album does not see a change of direction, bringing with it a fresh air to blow away those gothic Bauhaus cobwebs of old for good.

On the new album we find  injections of Turkish influences scattered all over the place: the mix of stylised avant garde lyric and Eastern ambience together with more aggressive riff and a sharp production edge makes for refreshing sound – though I admit, it took me a while to absorb it.

The key to ‘Cascade’ being superior to previous solo offerings is it’s diversity which is as much a tribute to the musicians that Murphy has gathered together. The musical sketches supplied by Paul Statham give life to Murphy’s ;lyrics, whilst the production of Pascal Gabriel (Inspiral Carpets, EMF) allows the music to compliment the vocal, rather than lost in the background.


Murphy’s style of writing from the gut, often seems disjointed: he allows the listener enough words to comprehend an emotion rather than a true understanding of the song. This works to best effect on ‘Subway’, ‘Disappearing’ and ‘The Scarlet \Thing In You’. Other songs the turned my litmus blue are, ‘Gliding Like A Whale’, ‘I’ll Fall With Your Knife’ and ‘Wild Birds Flock To Me’. The latter inspired by a 13th century mystic called Jelaladdin Rumi – and I thought I had a crap name. 8.8/10

Ian Crowley

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