The Grid US NTSC VHS Tape (2000)

Pressing information

Actual Track List:

1: The Grid

Record Label(s): none
Catalog Number(s): none

UPC barcode (no spaces): none

The Dead: Peter Murphy
Directed By: Joanna Woodward
Music By: Peter Murphy
Vocals By: Shengul (during Subhanallah)

Additional notes:

Originally filmed in 1980, this film was shown in advance of shows during the Bauhaus years and then later during Peter’s Just For Love Tour. The film was an art school project of Peter’s then-girlfriend, Joanna Woodward, and wasn’t meant to be officially released in any capacity at the time. At the time, Woodward did all the filming/directing/writing duties, while Peter was the main (and only) actor and contributed musical compositions and samples. After its rediscovery, Subhanallah was added over the ending credits (the exact year the song was recorded is unclear, but as this is the same version on the Dalis Car InGladAloneness EP, it’s clear that this was not truly a Dalis Car song) and the film was printed to approximately 200 copies, all sold pre-autographed by Peter Murphy on tour (extras were sold online until they ran out). Woodward does not appear to have pursued a film career after this project, but did recently add the film to YouTube:


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