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No one has actually uploaded any of the comments on this album to YouTube yet. Below is what Peter says.

On Perfection:

“Cascade” is a lyric about the idea of saints and perfect people. I wanted to write about what they might be and what qualities they might have. So the first line that came out was, “We have no image / We’re just called the good friends / We call the madmen back / As they fly to the anthills / We never know, we never know / We’re fueling for the light / Cascading light / The raining twilight.” If you’re writing about a saint or a perfect person, what is that? I wanted to write about that level, if you like, of humanity from a point of view that somehow connected with searching for my own perfection. But in doing that, I wanted to convey the idea that perfection doesn’t necessarily involve saintliness or may not necessarily involve sentimental interpretation of what a saint is, if you like.

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