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No one has actually uploaded any of the comments on this album to YouTube yet. Below is what Peter says.

On Love Hysteria:

It’s been since 1986 that I’ve been making my own records, but it’s been such a learning experience. The thing about time is that it passes far too quickly, and it’s been three years since Holy Smoke was released in America, which is almost impossible to think about really. It seems a longer period than it feels like. Part of me feels like an old hack, somebody who’s done it all. But this record [Cascade] feels very new to me. It sort of represents for me a real development in my natural talent. There is a similarity to Love Hysteria because Love Hysteria has that sort of painter quality. It’s got lots of layers to it. You can discover lots of new things the more you listen to it. Although it’s dated in terms of the sort of production values, if you like, but that’s inevitable to a certain extent with records. And also it was the first ever time that I used the Hundred Men as a band on a record. What’s evident there is that unacquainted style that the band brought to a Peter Murphy record. But it’s a very beautiful record in a sense. There are things like “Wild Birds Flock To Me” that could be very related to “Indigo Eyes” as a lyrical direction. But that wasn’t conscious. It was very natural.

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