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No one has actually uploaded any of the comments on this album to YouTube yet. Below is what Peter says.

On “Huuvola”:

“Huuvola” is an imaginary word. It’s a song written to my children. It’s a very simple, very clean and pure approach to writing a song. It comes from having a direct relationship as a father with children. I’m a very, very committed father in the sense that I enjoy the relationship with that pure, unformed personality the child is. So on “Huuvola” you get this very typical Michael Brook, almost alternative-ambient type of approach to playing guitar — which adds a very perfect, complimentary sort of mood to it — which is very emotional and very vast. So there’s a very sort of Middle Eastern quality in that music especially with the nay instrument which is like a flute, but it isn’t a flute. It has no holes. It’s just blown through one reed, and it has a very yearning sort of sound to it. I wanted that for “Huuvola,” definitely.

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