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No one has actually uploaded any of the comments on this album to YouTube yet. Below is what Peter says.

On Michael Brook:

The use of Michael Brook as the guitarist on the album: he’s like the cream-on-top guitarist — the esoteric guitarist if you like — the person we brought in after the bedrock rhythm guitars had been laid down which were necessary and right to use. I wanted to bring in an element which would be, let’s call it the Robert Fripp element or the experimental element, and they’re difficult to come by nowadays. Either you get the real impassioned, pure indie-rock approach — which is inept but very effective and quite unusual sounding — or you get in somebody like Robert Fripp or the technician who’s gone through that technical ability section and still retained some originality. I invited Michael Brook to come and play over a lot of songs. And he basically improvised over many of them and did lots of experimental tapes — out of which we montaged with the various editing services we had on computer — various performances and layers over which constitute his parts.

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