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No one has actually uploaded any of the comments on this album to YouTube yet. Below is what Peter says.

On “The Scarlet Thing In You”:

That’s a pop song. I was working on some songs and pulled that one out and sang as I often do. I sang the lyric over it, and it happened within thirty seconds. It took me the amount of time to sing the song the first time over as to write it. And immediately this was kind of like, this is my “Shiny Happy People” or my “Nothing Compares” or something which is almost incongruous on the first thought as a Peter Murphy song. But it really works. And it became a Peter Murphy song once I sang it, and it worked very well. I liken it very much — I see them as twins — between that song and “Cuts You Up” which has that very driving, acoustic quality to it and lots of sort of hooky, melodic overtones to it with a not-so-straight lyric.

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