This Is For When… (Live)

This is for when the slats of the night slam shut on you
For when the radio is broken and crackles like uranium orchids
For when the fohn-wind rattles the telegraph wires like a handful of bones
And for when dream ambulances skitter through the streets at midnight
In the amusement arcade a sailor whose muscles writhe with tattoos and pornography
Doubled up, his vomiting emeralds
Elsewhere a black man with brass teeth and a swallow skin tie is laughing and laughing
And offering poisoned candy floss to the children
This is for when your cuff gets caught in the cogs of an urban evening
For when your vision is frayed and you don’t have any more lust
This is for the wasp-woman
This is for the torturers’ wives with their thumbs blue as billiard chalk
This is for all the mathematicians who got mixed up in the dream gang
This is for when you get caught in a sleep-riot
This is for when your jism turns to platinum
For when the television is full of murder
For when the sky is out of order
For when your room is crawling with cheap poetry
This is for when your veins are singing with indigo
For when the radiator is full of fever
For when your sex is full of voodoo
For when your clothes are imaginary
For when your kitchen is dead
This is for when your flesh creeps and never comes back

The poem is credited to a Brilburn Logue. This happens to have been a pseudonym for Alan Moore, who was at the time just starting to make comics (this was around the time he began work on V For Vendetta). Moore would later on go to create another comic, Love And Rockets, that would become the namesake of the other major post-Bauhaus project created by Daniel Ash, David J, and Kevin Haskins.

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