The Singles 1981-1983 DE 12″ (1983)

Pressing information

Actual Track List:

A1: The Passion Of Lovers
A2: Kick In The Eye
A3: Spirit
B1: Ziggy Stardust
B2: Lagartija Nick
B3: She’s In Parties

Record Label(s): Beggars Banquet, Virgin
Catalog Number(s): 205 889/205 889-241

Variation One: (corresponds to the corrected catalog number version)
A Side matrix etchings
: 205889 A-1/83S I
B Side matrix etchings: 205889 B-1/83S I Ⅱ

UPC barcode (no spaces): none

Varation Two: (corresponds to the grey labels version)
A Side matrix etchings
: 205889 A-1/83S I Made in Germany
B Side matrix etchings: 205889 B-1/83S I II Made in Germany

UPC barcode (no spaces): 000000080156

Vocals: Peter Murphy
Guitar: Daniel Ash
Bass Guitar: David J
Drums: Kevin Haskins

Published By: Beggars Banquet Music, Mainman, Chrysalis Music Ltd.
Phonographic Copyright: Beggars Banquet
Copyright: Beggars Banquet

Additional notes:

There are two versions: one has a sticker over the original catalog number (205 889-240) that reads “205 889-241” and the back cover with green and red labels on the vinyl while the other version has a sticker barcode on the back cover and grey labels on the vinyl.

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