Terror Couple Kill Colonel UK 7″ (1980)

Pressing information

Actual Track List:

A: Terror Couple Kill Colonel 1
AA1: Scopes
AA2: Terror Couple Kill Colonel 2

Record Label(s): 4AD
Catalog Number(s): AD 7

Variant One:
A Side matrix etchings: AD 7 – A2
B Side matrix etchings: BilBo W 2.9 AD7-A2

Variant Two:
A Side matrix etchings: AD – 7 – AA2
B Side matrix etchings: BilBo.TA1PE AD 7 AA1 W.6 F/1

Variation Three:
A Side matrix etchings: BILBO W-1 AD 7-A2
B Side matrix etchings: BILBO W-2 AD-7-AA2

Variation Four:
A Side matrix etchings: BilBo W-3KD AD-7-A2
B Side matrix etchings: Bilbo. W-4KD AD-7 AA2

UPC barcode (no spaces): none

Vocals: Peter Murphy
Guitar: Daniel Ash
Bass Guitar: David J
Drums: Kevin Haskins
Piano: David J

Phonographic Copyright: Beggars Banquet Records
Published By: Andrew Heath Music
Recorded At: Southern Studios (A), Spaceward Studios (AA1), Beck Studios (AA2)
Mastered By: BilBo

Additional notes:

This song drew its inspiration from British tabloids trying to create sensationalism for news stories by using catchy four word headlines that were fairly non-descript, much like “terror couple kill colonel!”

This version features a textured, mostly plain, white sleeve. Version Two features both distorted vocals and music (particularly bass) that is distorted and sounds to be in a different key than Version 1.

There are also two known mispresses of this single. One is the infamous track mispress where AA2 is the “mysterious” Version 3 of the single (featuring distorted music but regular vocals). Variations three and four above correspond to the track mispress. The other mispress has the correct tracks but has the AA side label on both sides.

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