Spirit JP CD (1989)

Pressing information

Actual Track List:

1-1: Double Dare
1-2: In The Flat Field
1-3: Dark Entries
1-4: Stigmata Martyr
1-5: Bela Lugosi’s Dead
1-6: A God In An Alcove
1-7: Telegram Sam
1-8: St. Vitus Dance
1-9: The Spy In The Cab
1-10: Terror Couple Kill Colonel
1-11: Dancing
1-12: Hair Of The Dog
1-13: The Passion Of Lovers
1-14: Mask
2-1: Kick In The Eye
2-2: Hollow Hills
2-3: In Fear Of Fear
2-4: Ziggy Stardust
2-5: Silent Hedges
2-6: Lagartija Nick
2-7: Paranoia, Paranoia
2-8: Swing The Heartache
2-9: Third Uncle
2-10: Spirit
2-11: All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
2-12: Slice Of Life
2-13: She’s In Parties
2-14: Sanity Assassin
2-15: Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?
2-16: Satori
2-17: Crowds
3-1: A God In An Alcove
3-2: Telegram Sam
3-3: Double Dare
3-4: The Spy In The Cab
3-5: In The Flat Field
3-6: St. Vitus Dance
3-7: In Fear Of Fear
3-8: Poison Pen
3-9: Party Of The First Part
3-10: Departure
3-11: The Three Shadows (Part II)
3-12: Silent Hedges
3-13: Swing The Heartache
3-14: Third Uncle
3-15: Ziggy Stardust
3-16: Terror Couple Kill Colonel
3-17: Night Time
3-18: She’s In Parties

Record Label(s): Beggars Banquet, Alfa
Catalog Number(s): 50B2-113,4,5/50B2-113/114/115

UPC barcode (no spaces): 4988024109786

Vocals: Peter Murphy
Guitar: Daniel Ash
Bass Guitar: David J
Drums: Kevin Haskins

Record Company: Alfa

Additional notes:

Contains three booklets (one that is 42 pages long with pictures, track listing, biography, discography, and lyrics, one that is for Swing The Heartache that contains info about the different BBC sessions that make up that release, and the final one has just black and white photos and is numbered for the limited edition piece).

The most complete source of information on the career of musician Peter Murphy.