Shadow Of Light UK PAL CED (1983)

Pressing information

Actual Track List:

1: Bela Lugosi’s Dead
2: Telegram Sam
3: Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
4: Mask
5: Spirit
6: In The Flat Field
7: Ziggy Stardust
8: Hollow Hills
9: She’s In Parties

Record Label(s): KACE International
Catalog Number(s): 33078

UPC barcode (no spaces): ?

Vocals: Peter Murphy
Guitar: Daniel Ash
Bass Guitar: David J
Drums: Kevin Haskins

Phonographic Copyright: Beggars Banquet
Copyright: Beggars Banquet
Recorded At: The Old Vic Theatre

Additional notes:

Exact release year is not known, but it would have to be between 1983 and 1986 (1986 being the last year CEDs were produced as the format never took off between competition of various tapes and the laserdisc).

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