Poem (Space Place, Chicago 9 September 1980)

As the story would have it, Daniel was changing a guitar string in the middle of this show in Chicago when Peter began free-styling some poetry. Only the poem part is included on the …And Remains compilation, however, the video above includes the banter Peter gave afterwards, which I’ve attempted to transcribe fully below.

Twice an hour I think of me
On the dot of half past three
I keep appointments with my man
For he worships me, my greatest fan

And on the dot of half past one
My image is the oblique pun
Appear my sweet and flick your brow
I know you often wonder how

I wan and woo my Sherlock smile
To note what angle is a trial
My teeth are straight
My eyes are blue
I know I like you

I wonder if I’ll meet my match
I don’t get uptight about that
For on the dot of half past three
I stop in track and think of me

Peter’s banter
So, I was, uh, stalling for time because
My guitarist has broken, uh, not only a string
But, uh, I think I may have pulled something out there.
Now by standards you should have had at least one…
(whispers) Orgasm!
Tonight by me.
If not, I’m not succeeding.
But I shouldn’t be so accessible…
I will continue to be cold and alienated.

If you wish to speak, you will have to go through
Our court in (?) of 89 bouncers
6 security checks

You are offered a touch

Once there were gods
Then they were gone


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