Mirror Remains

But I’m marvelous already
Though I’m exhausted

We put the clocks forward
We put the clocks back
The mirror is never fooled
It remains slow moving liquid cool
As we speed headlong into the Berzah

Jinn stone of Indians
Narkik and faded stars
The temperature is cold as clay
Ash on birthday cake a wine blushing bride
Stupefied our bad side’s in decay

Right, now there’s a solo there of some kind
This is the solo!
Alright…it’s good

The anorexic monster
The diva’s (?) glove
The criminal’s confession
The schizophrenic spy
(?) master
The vamp (?)

Stupefied our bad side’s in decay
Stupefied our bad side’s in decay
Stupefied our bad side’s in decay

Berzah is the Turkish word for “isthmus.” In Islam, Berzah (also written as Barzakh in English) refers to the barrier between the physical (Earth) and spiritual (Heaven/Hell) worlds (similar in scope to the Christian belief of Purgatory) in which the soul waits following death but before resurrection for the Day of Judgement. It is further believed that once the soul enters Berzah, no further actions can be taken to change the soul’s outcome of judgement (i.e. since the soul is now separate from the body, nothing further can be done to compensate for past sins in an effort to sway judgement of the soul towards Heaven). Specific to Sufism, which influences Peter greatly, Berzah is also believed to be a place that the soul visits while a live human being sleeps or meditates.

Jinn is an Arabic word that refers (in Islam) to a third class of humanoid beings, the other two being Angels and Humans. The jinn cannot be seen by humans and are made from a smokeless fire. Much like humans, they live and die, can be acted upon by various forces, and will be judged on Judgement Day (like humans, they can be good, evil, or somewhere between). As such, like humans, the jinn have free will (Angels do not…in Islam, Iblis, the Devil, is believed to be a jinn, not an angel).

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