Mask UK CD Box Set (2009)

Pressing information

Actual Track List:

1-1: Hair Of The Dog
1-2: The Passion Of Lovers
1-3: Of Lillies And Remains
1-4: Dancing
1-5: Hollow Hills
1-6: Kick In The Eye
1-7: In Fear Of Fear
1-8: Muscle In Plastic
1-9: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
1-10: Mask
2-1: Kick In The Eye (Original Single Version A Side)
2-2: Satori
2-3: In Fear Of Fear (Original Version)
2-4: In Fear Of Dub
2-5: Muscle In Plastic (Rough Mix Version)
2-6: Dancing (Rough Mix Version)
2-7: Hair Of The Dog (Rough Mix Version)
2-8: Monkey (Poison Pen) (Rough Mix Version)
2-9: Ziggy Stardust (Rough Demo Version)
2-10: Earwax (Full Unedited Version)
2-11: 1-2-3-4
2-12: Muscle In Plastic (Rejected Album Mix)
2-13: Hollow Hills (Rejected Album Mix)
2-14: Hair Of The Dog (Rejected Album Mix)
2-15: Poison Pen
2-16: Kick In The Eye (Single Re-Mix Version)
2-17: Dave and Danny’s Waspie Dub (#2)
3-1: This Is For When…
3-2: The Passion Of Lovers
3-3: In The Flat Field
3-4: Silent Hedges
3-5: In Fear Of Fear
3-6: Terror Couple Kill Colonel
3-7: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
3-8: Dancing
3-9: Mask
3-10: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
3-11: Hair Of The Dog
3-12: Kick In The Eye
3-13: A God In An Alcove
3-14: Hollow Hills
3-15: Stigmata Martyr
3-16: Dark Entries
3-17: Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Record Label(s): Beggars Banquet
Catalog Number(s): BAUBOX2

UPC barcode (no spaces): 607618206222

Vocals: Peter Murphy
Guitar: Daniel Ash
Bass Guitar: David J
Drums: Kevin Haskins

Published By: Beggars Banquet Music, Univeral Music Publishing, Momentum 3, Tintoretto Music, RZO Music, EMI Music Publishing, Chrysalis Music, Stiff Weapon, Garnant Music, John Cale Music, Bauhausmusik, Daniel Ash, Clever Trevor Music, David J. Haskins, Peter Murphy
Recorded At: Playground and Jam
Phonographic Copyright: Beggars Banquet
Copyright: Beggars Banquet
Recorded At: Playground Recording Studios, JAM Recording, Hammersmith Palais
Mixed At: Good Luck Studios, JAM Recording, Playground Recording Studios
Overdubbed At: FX
Mastered At: Master Room

Additional notes:

The cover design is a painting by Daniel Ash and features the first of many bubblemen incarnations over the years. Each disc comes in the same Japanese mini vinyl replica sleeves. Also comes with a 48 page book with photos, memorabilia, and complete lyrics. The third disc is the recording of the Hammersmith Palais show that was also released on 180g vinyl as This Is For When…

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