Instant Live New York City, NY 11/12/05 (2005)

Pressing information

Actual Track List:

1-1: Burning From The Inside
1-2: In The Flat Field
1-3: A God In An Alcove
1-4: In Fear Of Fear
1-5: Terror Couple Kill Colonel
1-6: Swing The Heartache
1-7: She’s In Parties
1-8: The Passion Of Lovers
1-9: Silent Hedges
1-10: Kick In The Eye
2-1: Hollow Hills
2-2: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
2-3: Stigmata Martyr
2-4: Hair Of The Dog
2-5: Dark Entries
2-6: Slice Of Life
2-7: Telegram Sam
2-8: Ziggy Stardust
2-9: Double Dare

Record Label(s): Instant Live
Catalog Number(s): none

UPC barcode (no spaces): 827823027720

Vocals: Peter Murphy
Guitar: Daniel Ash
Bass Guitar: David J
Drums: Kevin Haskins

Recorded At: The Nokia Theater at Times Square

Additional notes:

Recorded on November 12, 2005. Instant Live works by recording the show as it happens and then quickly burns them to CD and packages them for sale immediately following the show. Extra copies were then sold on their website until they sold out.

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