Peter Murphy by Thomas Bak during the Ninth photo session


For this section, we will list the collaborations Peter has done over the years with other musicians. Clicking on the song name (where available) will take you to YouTube where you can hear the song. We won’t detail releases like we have for Peter’s own work.

Peter Murphy and Nine Inch Nails's Trent Reznor

    • KMFDM – “Today” – Peter did a quasi cover (quasi because KMFDM did the actual music on this track, as opposed to Peter’s band at the time) of “Today” (from KMFDM’s 1999 album, Adios) around the same time he worked with members of KMFDM for 1998’s Recall EP on Red Ant Entertainment. The song was available on the Unreleased – Remixes and Rare album for a period of time as a free download via KMFDM’s store, but it has since been taken down.
    • Rambient – “Idle Flow” – Originally, “Idle Flow” was written and recorded for this loose collaborative project between noted film composer Harry Gregson-Williams and ex-Porno For Pyros (and then Peter’s) guitarist Peter DiStefano. The song appears on their 2001 album So Many Worlds and would eventually be re-recorded in 2004 for Peter’s own album Unshattered. The two versions are nearly the same, with only slight changes to the music itself.
    • Nine Inch Nails – Various – In 2006, Peter guest starred in a series of radio shows with Trent Reznor (all shows), TV On The Radio (only the show in Washington, DC), Jeordie White (specifically the show in Boston, Massachusetts), Atticus Ross (specifically the show in Boston, Massachusetts), and all of Nine Inch Nails (specifically the show in Chicago, Illinois). The shows include: Atlanta, Georgia (June 7, 2006), Washington, DC (June 13, 2006), Boston, Massachusetts (June 23, 2006), and Chicago, Illinois (July 1, 2006). These recordings were never commercially released (with exception to “Hurt,” which Peter released in 2009 in connection to his Secret Covers Tur), but video from the Washington, DC and Boston shows were available as free downloads from the official Nine Inch Nails website for a time (they have since been removed). Songs played include: “Head Like A Hole,” “The Sanity Assassin,” “Hurt,” “Dreams,” “Final Solution,” “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” “Reptile,” “Warm Leatherette,” “A Strange Kind Of Love,” “Nightclubbing,” “Dead Souls,” “Twenty Four Hours,” “Warsaw,” and “Atmosphere.”
    • The Dark Flowers – “Clean Break” – The Dark Flowers was a project spearheaded by one of Peter’s long time collaborators, Paul Statham. Statham produced the album and assembled numerous musicians into a “supergroup” of sorts for each track. Peter contributed vocals to this song, released on the 2013 album Radioland.Peter Murphy and Sarah Fimm
    • Agoria – “Edenbridge” – Agoria (the stage name of Sebastien Devaud) approached Peter around 2006 for this collaboration, feeling a voice like Peter’s was what the song needed. The song is based around an experience Agoria had at the time, and in explaining that experience to Peter, Peter felt he was meant to provide vocals for the song as he had had a similar (but still different) experience himself. This song is on the 2006 album The Green Armchair.
    • David J – “Candy On The Cross” – Former Bauhaus bandmate David J was strongly into his own solo career and work with Love And Rockets by 1992. Though Peter was on his own as a solo musician and in the midst of his fourth album, he joined David J to record backing vocals to this song. This appeared on David J’s 1992 album Urban Urbane.
    • Sarah Fimm – “Crumbs and Broken Shells” – Sarah Fimm joined Peter Murphy as opener for his 2005 tour supporting Unshattered (with Murphy periodically joining her on stage to sing one of her songs together). For Fimm’s 2009 album Red Yellow Sun, Murphy provided backing vocals for “Crumbs and Broken Shells.” The album itself was produced by David Baron and may have been one of the first meetings between Murphy and Baron that influenced their collaboration for Ninth two years later.
    • Azam Ali and Cheb I Sabbah – “Keep Coming Back” – Famed DJ and composer Cheb I Sabbah first opened for Peter Murphy during his October 27, 2012, Miracula session in Los Angeles. The two maintained a strong friendship after the show. Sabbah, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2011, joined Murphy on stage again on July 23, 2013 for the Mr. Moonlight Tour show in San Francisco. Sabbah ultimately lost his battle with cancer months later in November 2013. “Keep Coming Back” was a song written by Sabbah that Murphy and Ali recorded together for a tribute album to the late Sabbah. The song also includes contributions from Sabbah’s son, Opm Sabbah, and bassist/violinist Emilio DeZefalo China. The song has been previewed by Opm Sabbah during his opening DJ gigs for a handful of Murphy’s Stripped Tour dates in California in spring 2016 but has not yet been officially released.
      Peter Murphy 2016
    • Loudboy – “Pretty Bleak” – Loudboy is the musical project of John Andrews who has recorded guitars for and toured with Peter Murphy beginning around 2011. Possibly as partial exchange for helping on Ninth in 2011, Murphy joined Andrews to record this song in 2011 for the Loudboy debut album. Loudboy would later open for Murphy during his Ninth tour in Europe in 2011 and eventually reprise the opening role in 2016 for part of Murphy’s Stripped tour in Mexico.
    • Yoshiki’s Catacombs Soundtrack – “Twist Your Fate” – The full story of how Peter Murphy got involved in this project is not known, but along with Unshattered producer Gardner Cole, Murphy recorded this song in 2006 for release on this soundtrack in 2007.

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